Cdc understanding dating violence

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There can be, however, a darker side to teen relationships.

Inexperienced as they are, they often struggle with basic elements of a romantic relationship.

Start Strong targets teens in the “critical window” age in which behaviors and attitudes can be changed.

Reaching younger teens is essential to stopping violence and abuse before it reaches the severe levels seen in older teens and adults.

From a young age, my wife and I have been very clear about our expectations about how they treat their peers (both boys and girls) and about bullying.One in three high school students experience physical or sexual violence at the hands of a dating partner.Young women ages 18-24 experience intimate partner violence at a rate almost twice the national average.Even though it was only last month I explicitly talked with them about the “birds and the bees,” we know it is important for us to talk with our sons about healthy dating relationships from an early age.There are many teachable moments we use to discuss teenage dating.

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