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A prospective applicant should ascertain the type of service needed before submitting an application.If he/she wishes to obtain a certificate of absence of marriage record instead of a certified copy of marriage certificate, relevant information can be found under “Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record” The types of applications and the relevant documents to be issued relating to marriage registration are as follows: Firstly, the applicant should apply for a search of marriage records by providing the particulars of the marriage.You can use the online service to make an appointment if you choose to give the notice to a marriage registry in person.The website is: can also make an appointment for giving of notice through the 24-hour telephone booking system (telephone number: 3102 3883 ).Young professional Hong Kong women have such tight schedules that speed-dating is actually appealing to them.“This is a fun and casual way for twenty to thirty-somethings to expand their social networks without the rigorous background checks and prescreening,” says Lee.Solemnizing a marriage in Hong Kong will have to go through the following procedures: If a marriage does not take place within three months after the giving of the notice, the notice and all proceedings thereupon shall be void and a fresh notice has to be given before a marriage can take place.If you intend to register your marriage in Hong Kong, you need to give the notice in advance to the Registrar.

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The applicant can send the application for a search of marriage records in Hong Kong and/or a certified copy of marriage certificate in person, by post or online.Disclaimer: The following information relating to marriage requirements of specific foreign countries is provided for general information only and may not be accurate in a particular case.Questions involving interpretations of specific foreign laws should be addressed to foreign attorneys or foreign government officials.But that also means others there may be doing something similar.“Five minutes into our conversation, my date mentioned that he was a taxi driver,” says Lee.

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